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My name is Andres Perez. I am an experienced software developer who works full-time training developers interested in learning about Salesforce development and architecture. About 6 months ago, I started playing with a Raspberry Pi for the first time (I have no previous knowledge of electronics) and found this fascinating world. I purchased one of those kits (from Freenove at with many components that guide you in constructing Raspberry Pi projects.

I came up with a great idea to challenge myself: Build the circuits in the book but write the code using JavaScript (Node.js). The kit comes with code samples in C++ and Python, and I could use those samples as a guide, but I have to understand the sample code completely to rewrite it. The guide has some simple explanations of how things work, but it does not go into depth. Sometimes they oversimplify things, but translating the code to Node.js requires a much more profound understanding of why the book recommends a specific way or value to complete a task.

I was learning so much that I decided to take better notes of my discoveries. These notes could help other developers who are comfortable with JavaScipt (Node.js) and want to learn about these topics. So, I started writing my blog (, where I teach other developers about the world of electronics. I am just trying to explore the basic concepts (PWM, I2C, SPI), and eventually, I want to cover topics like IoT, Salesforce, AWS, Google.

I understand the Raspberry Pi foundation has the mission of “putting the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world.” I want to add a tiny grain of salt to this endeavour by helping to reach out to JavaScript (Node.js) developers who may be interested in discovering this fascinating world.

Please take a look at my blog (, and if you think it can help other developers, please help me by sharing it.

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