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JS4IoT - JavaScript Developer Working on IoT Projects !

Thanks to the power of the Raspberry Pi, and Node.js, JavaScript developers can build any IoT project they desire without having to learn new technologies!

Articles Written

Raspberry Pi Families And Models

19 Jun 2021

I have compiled a list of different Raspberry Pi models with essential characteristics about each one.

Analog To Digital Conversion (I2C) with PIGPIO

18 Jun 2021

The second part of the I2C series implements a ADC with I2C using PIGPIO library

Analog To Digital Conversion (I2C) with RPIO

06 Jun 2021

How can the Raspberry Pi, being an all-digital device, read an analog signal? Use an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). This article discusses why we need those converters, and we focus on I2C ADCs.

DMA-based PWM with PIGPIO

04 Jun 2021

This project builds a simple circuit that uses DMA-based Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) with PIGPIO.

Hardware-based PWM with RPIO

30 May 2021

This project builds a simple circuit that uses Hardware-based Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) with RPIO.

Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) - Theory

29 May 2021

Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) is an effective method of using digital signals to control analog circuits like dimming an LED or controlling motor speeds.

Hello IoT (PIGPIO)

16 May 2021

This article is part 2 of another article I wrote a few weeks ago (Hello IoT (RPIO)), where we are building the same circuit, but the code is written in Node.js using the PIGPIO library. I highly recommend you read that article before you continue reading this one.

Pull-Up, Pull-Down Resistors

02 May 2021

When working with electronic logic circuits, we use pull-up/pull-down resistors to ensure a known state for a signal.


18 Apr 2021

The Raspberry Pi board has 40 pins that we can use to interact with the world, but there is no standard way of referring to them! Technically there are few standard ways

Debouncing A Button

04 Apr 2021

Electricity is too fast! What are noisy buttons, and why do we have to account for them?

Hello IoT (RPIO)

28 Mar 2021

We are now ready to start with a few simple circuits and finish setting up the Raspberry Pi.

Initializing The Raspberry Pi

14 Mar 2021

Before we start working on the projects, we need to initialize the Raspberry Pi by setting up Node.js.

Minimum Shopping List

28 Feb 2021

If you want to start learning about this beautiful world, I recommend you get a hold of some items.


14 Feb 2021

You may have read some of my blogs on Salesforce development and architecture, but this year I decided to embark on a new hobby: Robotics! So this blog will be a bit different than the ones you regularly read from me.

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